Jury Finds Fraud in Autopsy
$4 Million Awarded to Widow

A 42 year-old man underwent surgery to remove a problematic disc in his cervical spine and died in his hospital bed just 12 hours following the procedure from post-operative bleeding, a common and easily treated complication following this type of surgery. Representing attorneys Steve Vartazarian of The Vartazarian Law Firm and Tyrone Maho of Maho & Prentice contacted DK Global to create a Medical Animation that highlighted the surgical process as well as the subsequent development of the hematoma that led to the patient’s death. The animation also set forth the sequence of events in a chronological timeline that clearly and accurately portrayed the plaintiff’s experience and the hospital’s failure to properly diagnose and treat the symptoms. Through persistent and meticulous diligence, the attorneys uncovered an unthinkable pattern of fraud during the litigation process. The hospital staff attempted to conceal the patient’s true cause of death by hiring a suspicious pathologist to perform the initial autopsy in which the results were anything but the truth. With the help of our easy-to-follow animation, the jury sided with the plaintiff, and awarded a $4 million verdict. The results of this case were highly publicized and the full story can be read here.

"After the verdict, I spoke with the jury who all told me that the animation depicting what the plaintiff had gone through in the hour before his death was vital in understanding the medical issues in the case. They further said that because of the animation 'it was clear to us that the plaintiff died from a post-operative hematoma that obstructed his upper airway and caused him to asphyxiate in his hospital bed.' I want to thank you guys so much for the work you did on this case. The animation was a key part of my verdict!!!"

-Steve Vartazarian of the Vartazarian Law Firm


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