Woman Struck in Crosswalk
Future Proposed Total Knee Arthroplasty

DK Global created a medical animation detailing a total knee arthroplasty for attorney Martha Dah Dah who pursued justice on behalf of a 17 year-old woman who was hit by a city water department truck while attempting to walk through a crosswalk. The impact caused extensive injuries including a torn meniscus, patellar dislocation, and severe cartilage loss.

Just prior to trial, Ms. Dah Dah joined forces with attorney Michael Alder, of Alder Law, who tried the case before the judge. The animation was presented in the courtroom during expert testimony and offered an intense view of the necessary corrective procedure and two revision surgeries that the plaintiff will likely endure over the course of her life as a result of the incident. The defense aimed to hold the plaintiff partially responsible for wearing dark clothing and not attempting to make herself appear more visible to the driver, who claimed shadows from the sun cast over a nearby building affected his vision. The judge found zero comparative fault and awarded the plaintiff 2.9 million dollars.

"Despite having seen the surgery animation many times prior to trial, I was totally engaged as Dr. Wagner narrated the procedure while he testified. It was as if I was watching the animation for the first time."

- Martha Dah Dah

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We continue to see the tremendous impact that visual presentations have on the outcome of a case and we are thrilled to be a part of a winning strategy in obtaining a favorable result.
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