Motorcyclist Struck by Drunk Driver
$5 Million Dollar Settlement

When a motorcyclist was tragically injured in a collision with a drunk driver, one of the first steps taken by attorneys representing him, was to consult with the experts at DK Global.  Subsequently, a multi-media strategy was developed to present the specific nature of the incident and the medical procedures required.

The objective of the presentation was to not only show the specific injuries suffered by the rider, including extensive damage to his leg and multiple fractures, but to also demonstrate the nature of the extreme medical treatment required.  To effectively do this, DK Global produced a reenactment that presented the horrific nature of the collision, along with animation to present complex medical details in an understandable manner.  Armed with these irrefutable depictions, the plaintiff’s counsel sent a demand letter to the insurance company for damages.

The plaintiff’s mounting medical bills and long journey to recovery, particularly after the partial amputation of his leg, became clear and understandable.  Upon seeing the animations, the defense responded and quickly agreed to the five million dollar amount demanded.  By allowing DK Global to develop the visual presentation of his case in the early stages, the cost and time of trial, mediation, and further litigation were bypassed to reach a just and rapid settlement. 

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Just sending a demand letter to opposing counsel explaining the tragic effects of a collision becomes generic, and frankly, not very forceful. By including graphics and animations with the letter, the other side is shown the legitimacy of the claims and the reasonable nature of the demand.
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