Motorcyclist Struck by Vehicle - Suffers Partial Leg Amputation
$3,125,000 Settlement Awarded to Victim

Midwest attorney Michael Massucci, of Kelly Law Offices, took on a contested liability case in a conservative venue where he represented a man who was struck by a motor vehicle while riding his motorcycle. Prior to the incident, Mr. Massucci's client was very active and the injuries he sustained in the collision dramatically impacted his life. The plaintiff sustained serious injuries to his right leg that required multiple surgeries, and ultimately an amputation of his right leg below the knee. The victim underwent the trauma of multiple, invasive surgeries, a lengthy hospital stay, and a life-altering recovery process where he and his family were faced with learning to accommodate the plaintiff's reduced mobility and independence due to the amputation. Additionally, the plaintiff will likely face further complications in the future, as the procedure has put greater strain on his knee and doctors have recommended a total knee replacement to stabilize his leg.

Attorney Massucci reached out to the DK team for a comprehensive presentation that effectively showed the surgeries his client underwent as well as the dramatic impact his injuries have had on his life as well as his family's. The DK artists were able to combine photographs, medical animations, and day in the life video footage to successfully portray the invasiveness of the amputation and the challenges the victim will face for the rest of his life. Through the use of visuals and skillful litigation techniques, Massucci, without having to file suit, was able to secure a $3,125,000 settlement for his client, the largest settlement or verdict for a below the knee amputation in DeKalb County, Illinois.

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Attorney Massucci was able to achieve a very impressive settlement on this case! His use of visuals kept the defense from taking the case to trial and ultimately resulted in a substantial settlement that will assist in the plaintiff's long-term care.
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