Tractor Smashes Construction Worker's Leg
$4.25 Million Dollar Verdict Awarded

Armed with a compelling animation and extensive trial experience, Sacramento attorney, John M. O’Brien, of John M. O’Brien & Associates, successfully achieved $4.25 million verdict for his client in a personal injury case. O’Brien represented the Plaintiff, who was severely injured on the job when the scraper blade of a tractor, operated by the general contractor, impacted his knee causing him to dislodge from his position on the back of a utility truck. As a result of this workplace incident, he suffered an L4-L5 disc herniation, left knee crush injury, and a Type II slap tear to his right shoulder.

DK Global provided O’Brien with a 3D animation showing the mechanism of injury as well as the severity of the multiple injuries his client sustained. Using operative reports, medical documents, images from the scene and expert input, DK was able to produce an animation that was both compelling and accurate. More than just showing the injury, the animation demonstrated to the jury how the injuries are still unresolved and causing harm to the Plaintiff. O’Brien used the animation in his closing argument to achieve justice for his client, ensuring the Plaintiff would be covered for mounting medical bills and lost wages.

"The jury came back last Thursday with a verdict of $4.25 million! A great result for a very deserving client. We were able to work  the animation of the crash sequence into our closing.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication during a very stressful period.  I appreciated your help and willingness to fine tune the animation multiple times!”  - John O'Brien

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O'Brien skillfully used the reconstruction animation in his closing to round-out his argument in trial and drive home the severity of injuries sustained due to the negligence of the tractor operator.
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