Plaintiff Undergoes Discectomy & Spinal Fusion
Jury Awards $637,000 Verdict

Equipped with a concise animation of his client’s surgical procedure, Joshua H. Watson of the Arnold Law Firm, acquired a $637,000 verdict on behalf of his injured client. Watson reached out to DK Global for a visual presentation that could describe his client’s surgery in a compact, yet clear and compelling fashion. The minute-long animation produced depicts a discectomy at the L4-L5 and L5-S1 levels, as well as the hardware installation for the spinal fusion. Multiple camera angles allow the viewer to appreciate not only the incision site but also the penetration of the screws into the spine for the fusion.

Complex surgical procedures can be difficult for a jury to grasp, especially during a trial where jurors are bombarded with unfamiliar terminology. Animations bring surgical procedures to life by visualizing the steps of the procedure and packaging medical jargon in a way that is understandable. Having a jury understand your client’s surgical procedures is essential to achieving justice for your client, particularly when the severity of a procedure is not effectively relayed through words alone. As experienced by attorney Watson, a surgical animation provides depth to expert testimony while creating a connection between the jurors and the pain and suffering that the victim underwent to repair their injuries.

 "The illustration really helped make sense of a treater's testimony. He was kind of Ho Hum about the concept of hacking open someone's back, and discussed it pretty dispassionately. The video was a great contrast, and the jurors kept panning between the doctor as he narrated from the stand, the video, and our client." – Josh Watson, Esq.

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For a jury to decide in your client’s favor, it’s vital that they understand the severity of each surgery, particularly when dealing with something as delicate as the spine, without getting lost in medical terminology. Animations are a great way to ensure the severity of your client’s injuries and procedures will not get lost in translation.
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