Senior Class President Attacked by Classmates - School Administration Does Nothing
$10.5 Million Settlement Achieved for TBI

Superior litigation skills, daring courtroom techniques and a comprehensive video presentation created by DK Global, all led a team of skilled attorneys achieving justice for their client in the amount of $10.5 million. This high-profile case has garnered international media attention from news outlets such as the LA Times, CBS News, the Washington Post, Daily Mail UK and the NY Daily News. The case against the KernHigh School District involved a former class president and football player who was severely injured during one of his high school’s pep rallies. The rally included a segment where Bakersfield High School students were supposed to act like they were beating up their rival school’s mascot, the golden eagle. Dressed in a chicken suit, Mitch Carter, went out on gym floor but things quickly went wrong when the students began to actually beat him and jump on top of him without interruption from school personnel. As a result, he suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other abrasions, but rather than give him immediate medical attention, a school administrator attempted to minimize his injuries by giving him paper towels to wipe the blood from his head.  People around the world have been horrified by the injuries sustained by Carter and yet, inspired by his attorneys’ commitment to justice for their client.

Legal action to receive compensation for Carter’s injuries began four years ago, when Michelle Paula, of the Bakersfield-based Law Offices of Ralph Wegis, interviewed Carter about his injuries and experience. A mother herself, Paula immediately became invested in Carter’s wellbeing and took on the case with founder of the firm, Ralph Wegis. These two attorneys worked tirelessly for four years to try to settle with the school district.

While the school district refused to give Carter adequate compensation, he continued to suffer from neurological impairments related to the traumatic brain injury sustained at the pep rally. The DK team created a graphics presentation that explained the nature of the TBI Mitch Carter sustained and neurological impairments he suffers from because of it.

Just before going to trial, Paula and Wegis decided to contact Beverly Hills-based attorney Nicholas C. Rowley, of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP and Long Beach-based Joseph Low, IV of The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV to use their expertise in multi-million dollar cases to ensure their client would receive proper compensation. To see the full story and interviews with Nicholas Rowley and Joseph Low, watch your inbox on Thursday.




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Our team was proud to partner with such a skilled team of attorneys to bring justice to a young man whose life will be forever impacted due to negligence displayed by school officials. The graphics presentation we created captured the extent of Mitch's injuries and his ongoing neurological impairments.
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