Man Beaten Outside of Bar
$10 Million Verdict - Injuries Require Craniotomy

Attorney Michael Stapleton, of Ball Eggleston, PC in Lafayette, Indiana successfully obtained a verdict of $10 million for his client who sustained serious injuries when he was beaten by an unruly patron outside of a sports bar. In addition to surface-level injuries, the client also suffered trauma within his spine and brain. The beating caused the Plaintiff to suffer a spinal fracture, a midline shift, a brain bleed and a blood clot. Stapleton reached out to DK Global to create a medical animation that could bring the “invisible” injuries in the brain and spine, as well as his brain surgery, to life for a jury.

Utilizing operative reports, radiology images and other medical documents, DK Global produced an accurate medical animation that was able to express the severity of the Plaintiff’s injuries. First, a 3D model with basic character likeness to the Plaintiff was depicted with a C1 fracture. Then, radiology images of the injuries to his brain were used to highlight each injured part of the brain through colorization and text labeling of the specific regions. The injuries sustained were so severe, that the Plaintiff had to undergo surgery to relieve his brain bleed. The DK team produced an animation depicting the large head flap incision necessary for the cranial procedure as well as each of the steps the surgeon took in order to remove the excess blood including the burr holes made in the skull. The animation concludes showing the many sutures needed to close the large wound after surgery.

Stapleton’s commitment to his client and his talent in litigation, along with an effective DK Global animation, led him to securing a seven-figure verdict that ensures his client’s medical bills will be paid.

"The jury trial ended with a $10 Million verdict for plaintiff, and assigning 70% fault to the defendants.  Jury was impressed with the animation. Thanks for your help."

- Michael Stapleton, Esq.

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Severe brain injuries can be difficult to explain and demonstrate to a jury, particulalrly when the injuries are at different levels of the brain and can only be explained through hard-to-read medical imagery. Colorization and animation bring those injuries to life in a relatable way.
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