$20,000,000 In Results After Trial for Traumatic Brain Injury
Visuals Used to Explain TBI in the Courtroom

In the span of one week, animations from DK Global assisted two attorneys each attain justice in the amount of $10,000,000 for their injured clients. The well-known “chicken-suit case” fought by attorneys Nicholas Rowley and Joseph Low IV  on behalf of a former class president that sustained a TBI during his high school’s pep rally, and the other fought by attorney Michael Stapleton on behalf of a man who sustained a TBI after being beaten outside of a sports bar. In both cases, visuals brought the injuries to life to prove the severe effects on the victims. Instead of describing the mechanism of injury, a medical animation can show a jury how the injury occurred without room for misunderstanding or miscommunication. An animation can take the viewer through each step of the injury from the moments leading up, the mechanism of injury itself, and the symptoms that follow.  

Every day, 138 people in the United States die from injuries that include a Traumatic Brain Injury, according to the Center for Disease Control. TBI is also a diagnosis, either on its own or in combination with other injuries, in about 2.5 million emergency department visits each year and 280,000 hospitalizations. Traumatic Brain Injuries can not only be challenging to diagnose, but can also prove to be especially difficult to present to a jury. Whereas physical injuries to bones or internal organs can appear on radiology images, TBIs are frequently “invisible,” and yet exceptionally harmful. The average juror isn’t familiar with the concept of a TBI, nor the medical jargon that typically accompanies its explanation from an expert. Visuals provide an easy way for the jury to understand the severity of your client’s TBI, without feeling overwhelmed by the case.

Even the strongest of litigators use visual presentations because they work, and take up very little time from the attorney. Visuals showing your client’s incident and subsequent injury can assist you in reaching your desired settlement or verdict, ensuring your client will be fairly compensated.


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Over the years, TBIs have become an area of expertise for the DK Team. DK is able to assist with TBI cases on almost a weekly basis, telling clients’ stories and ensuring justice for injured persons across the nation. Animations assist in building empathy for injured clients by making TBIs easy to understand. Being an injured person’s advocate includes utilizing all resources to achieve justice on their behalf – animations are a no-brainer when it comes to TBI litigation! Simply put, they get the job done!
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