Teacher Severely Injured in Head-On Collision
$5,250,000 Settlement Reached

Attorney Timothy Osborn reached a $5,250,000 settlement on behalf of a Bakersfield elementary school teacher who was severely injured in a head-on collision with a commercial vehicle. The Law Offices of Timothy Osborn represented the Plaintiff who sustained serious cervical neck injuries, multiple fractures to her leg, a fracture to her ulna, and a TBI caused by a coup contrecoup. These injuries were sustained when a commercial driver crossed the dividing line of a highway and struck the Plaintiff head-on. Attorney Osborn contacted DK Global to assist him in litigating against one of the largest insurance defense law firms in the country by producing medical illustrations that would adequately demonstrate the severity of his client’s injuries.

3D elements and illustrations were superimposed on radiology images to make the images engaging and relatable for the jury. In addition to the colorized imagery, Attorney Osborn also utilized a stock coup contrecoup animation that depicts the way the brain moves in heavy impact situations to cause traumatic brain injuries. Initially, the defense team refused to admit liability and thus, would not cover damages, despite the serious injuries sustained by the Plaintiff. With the newly produced presentation, Attorney Osborn decided to attempt mediation again. The visuals broke the injuries down into clear and compelling pieces, and allowed Attorney Osborn to secure a large settlement of $5,250,000 by mid-afternoon.

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Attorney Osborn did an excellent job at representing the full scope of his client's injuries. He entrusted us with the task of illustrating the severity of the injuries, and in doing so, we were able to assist in achieving justice for the Plaintiff.
Michael Caldwell, President & CEO |
President & CEO
Sales & Production Liaison
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