School Bus Runs Red Light Slamming Into Teen Driver
Spine Injury Results in $1,000,000 Settlement

A $1,000,000 settlement has been reached on behalf of a teenage girl who sustained a serious cervical spine injury when a school bus driver ran a red light, causing a side-impact collision. The Defendant alleged that it was the Plaintiff that ran the red light, despite testimony from a third party witness that the Plaintiff had the right of way. Plaintiff's counsel contacted DK Global to create a reconstruction animation of the collision, along with a medical animation of both the injury sustained during the collision and the necessary surgical procedure.

The reconstruction features drone footage and custom 3D graphics to depict the collision, including two small frames showing the view of the traffic light from both the Plaintiff and the Defendant points of view. The collision is animated from two different perspectives and once more at half speed to allow the viewer to fully appreciate the severity of the collision. The camera view zooms in to capture the vehicle's damage as the exterior goes transparent and the medical portion of the presentation begins. A 3D character model of the Plaintiff depicts nerve impingement and disc herniation at the C6-C7 level. The Plaintiff's hardware removal surgery and discectomy is also animated, proving the severity of the injuries sustained. In addition to animation, the presentation incorporated document tear-outs from the neurosurgeon’s report, as well as the Plaintiff's radiology images. The compelling retelling of not only the initial collision but also the surgeries endured by the Plaintiff, proved to be a powerful tool in reaching the desired settlement figure of $1,000,000.

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Many cases come down to the small details - details that are often difficult to articulate or that get lost in translation. Animations eliminate that risk, while capturing the viewer's full attention.
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