Driver Speeds Through Stop Sign Causing Collision
Plaintiff Suffers Cervical & Lumbar Damage

While proceeding down a highway, a woman was struck by another vehicle that failed to stop at a crossroad stop sign. The collision sent the plaintiff's vehicle spinning and the high-speed impact resulted in trauma to her spine at the cervical and lumbar levels. The DK team created a presentation that not only demonstrated the obvious liability of the defendant, but also how the force of the accident impacted the plaintiff's spine. The animation produced allows the viewer to appreciate the collision from a birds-eye-view and then transitions to the interior of the plaintiff's vehicle to show how her body was thrown side to side. In order to effectively portray the direct damage to the spine, the body was made transparent to fully capture the internal damages. 

The production team at DK Global was able to produce a reconstruction animation that provided a likeness of the plaintiff and a 3D model of the environment and vehicles, accounting for multiple perspectives.  This presentation resulted in an accurate depiction of the incident endured by the plaintiff and proved to be a valuable asset to the legal team involved in resolving the case.

A Reconstruction Animation displaying the Mechanism of Injury, provides the viewer with a unique ability to visualize the damages caused as a result of a collision. Every case is different, and requires a custom approach to the visual strategy from start to finish.

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Through meticulous attention to detail and a process of refinement, the team at DK Global works with appointed experts to ensure every project is accurately transformed from reports, data, and expert testimony, into clear and concise visuals.
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