Surgeon's Mistake Leads To Nerve Damage
Confidential Settlement Reached

Indianapolis attorney Bruce Kehoe, of Wilson Kehoe Winingham LLC, reached a substanital settlement in a recent medical malpractice suit involving a spine surgery. The Plaintiff in the suit became a victim of medical malpractice when a surgeon over-retracted the spinal cord while placing a posterior graph, which resulted in nerve damage. Attorney Kehoe contacted DK Global to produce a medical animation that depicted the surgeon’s error, as well as well as a correct version of the procedure.

The animation streamlines the complex surgical procedure to highlight the most important parts, with special focus on the incorrect placement of the PEEK cage. Custom 3D graphics show the bilateral excessive retraction of the dura and neural elements, which is further demonstrated by colorized imagery showing the affected area. The surgeon’s error resulted in a cauda equina nerve injury, which caused pain and significant nerve damage.

Armed with a telling medical animation and experience in litigating mutli-million dollar suits, Attorney Kehoe achieved justice for his client in a confidential amount that will ensure the Plaintiff will not be troubled with medical bills associated with the injury.

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Medical malpractice can turn a routine procedure into a traumatic experience with extended recovery times, especially when dealing with areas as delicate as the spine. Doctors must be held to the highest standard to ensure patient safety, and they must be held accountable when reckless action causes undue harm.
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