Colorized Imagery & Illustrations Bring Cases To Life
Innovative Storytelling Makes A Difference

This video features colorized imagery based off radiology images from a motocross driver that sustained severe lower leg injuries in a collision. Colorization and textures overlaid on top of x-rays bring the ankle fractures to life and transform a black and white, sterile image into a relatable impression where bones and hardware are the focus. The Plaintiff's crushed ankle needed to be held together by installing permanent and extensive hardware. The illustration of all of the hardware superimposed over a radiology image proved the invasive nature of the repair and aided to the understanding of the permanent hardships faced by the Plaintiff as a result of the collision. Text and labeling over radiology images throughout the presentation also guide the viewer and ensure a full understanding of what's being shown in the illustrations. With the endless number of options to customize illustrations for any case, they make for cost-effective and credible visual aids.

The term "visual aids" encompasses a number of mediums that can assist your arguments in litigation. While DK Global remains a leading provider of medical animations, our illustrations are particularly helpful for showing multiple injuries across the body and in cases where inadmissibility is of particular concern. Because these illustrations are simply radiology images with colorization on top of the image to highlight certain areas, their validity is clear. Medical illustrations can take many forms from 2D digital and hand-drawn pictures to colorized radiology images and 3D stills with overlaid illustrations. The various options give you the opportunity to achieve the look you desire while maintaining focus on the severity of the injury.

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Whereas radiology images can be difficult for an untrained eye to interpret, medical illustrations provide simple renditions of complex injuries and leave little room for misinterpretations.
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