Man Suffers Permanent Injuries from Rear-End Collision
Man Sustains Cervical Spine Injury

When careless driving resulted in serious injuries, this Plaintiff's attorney contacted DK Global to produce a compelling visual presentation. The Defendant in the matter was following too close behind the Plaintiff's van and slammed into the back of the Plaintiff's vehicle after failing to stop at an intersection. This collision left the Plaintiff with permanent injuries, namely severe headaches, as well as neck and back pain. In addition to these, the Plaintiff suffered physical injuries such as temporary erectile dysfunction, a tendon tear in his wrist, decreased grip strength in his left hand and a number of injuries related to his cervical spine.  Because the Defendant admitted liability, damages to cover the cost of medical bills were the primary focus of the presentation.

A 3D character model of the Plaintiff's body was created and colorized imagery was used over the model to depict the areas of his body that sustained long-term or permanent injuries. The animation then zooms into the Plaintiff's cervical spine to show the disc bulge and the severe neural foraminal stenosis that he sustained from the heavy impact of the collision. Radiology images were employed to contribute to the presentation's credibility and overall effectiveness; custom graphics, text and labeling were set on top of these images to aid in their interpretation. Next, the spinal corticosteroid and elbow cortisone injections given to the Plaintiff are portrayed with text providing the viewer with context. The hardware ultimately needed by the Plaintiff to gain relief from the pain is depicted. Lastly, the presentation featured a list of the Plaintiff's physical damages from the incident. All of these elements combined to provide a compelling and factual account of the Plaintiff's pain and suffering.

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There was a ton of ground to cover in this case. Not only were there multiple injuries, but there were multiple treatments for each injury. With the animation, everything was streamlined and accounted for in an engaging and concise manner.
Michael Caldwell, President & CEO |
President & CEO
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Senior Visual Consultant
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