Man Crushed by California Highway Patrol Car
Confidential 6-Figure Settlement Reached

Armed with a compelling visual presentation, Northern California attorney - Gregory R. Davenport - has reached a substantial settlement for a seriously injured client. The Law Offices of Gregory R. Davenport represented the Plaintiff who was changing his tire on the shoulder of a highway when a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer pulled up behind him to ensure his safety by directing traffic away from the lane closest to the shoulder. Rather than slowly merging into the next closest lane, the Defendant made a hard brake application approximately 100 feet away from the stopped vehicles and lost control of the car, causing the vehicle to veer right and directly into the parked CHP car. The CHP vehicle lurched forward upon impact and crushed the Plaintiff between his own vehicle and the CHP car. Even though the incident was captured on video, the Defendant's legal team refused to pay out, and saw the Plaintiff's injury as a simple gash.

DK Global was employed to create a visual presentation that featured 3D custom animation, as well as the dash cam footage, to prove that the injuries sustained were serious. The presentation commenced with the dash cam footage to relay the details and seriousness of the incident and then transitioned to 2D and 3D animation to effectively show liability and damages. First, DK animated the distance from which the Defendant should have seen the parked cars and reacted by merging to the other lanes, had he been paying attention to the road. Next, a medical animation depicts the surgical procedure the Plaintiff's deep 15cm abdominal laceration required. Irrigation of the wound is shown, as well as the sutures to the deep tissue, the implantation of the penrose drain, and finally the skin sutures and dressing. In addition, 3D stills and custom graphics were used to quickly highlight the Plaintiff's other injuries. These elements combined to create a clear and effective presentation that proved the injuries sustained were much more serious than a scrape. Utilizing the presentation and his own litigation skills, Attorney Davenport secured a confidential but substantial settlement for his client.

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Negligence can cause everyday situations to result in tragedy. Attorneys committed to fair compensation for their client, combined with compelling animations, often make for a winning team in the courtroom by demanding justice.
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