Contested Liability Suit For Low Impact Collision
Woman Sustains Lumbar Spine Injuries

Despite the frequent dismissal of low impact collisions as minor incidents, they can result in serious injuries and even permanent impairments. Drivers that are distracted pose an increased threat, and can easily cause a "fender bender", or worse, in heavy traffic. For the case featured in the video, a driver failed to remain vigilant while she reached down into her purse, which was sitting next to her. Her vehicle struck the rear-end of the Plaintiff's vehicle, causing it to jolt forward unexpectedly. The impact caused injuries to the Plaintiff's lumbar spine and required an invasive surgery followed by an eighteen-month recovery period. Although the injuries were substantial and clear, the defense team refused to admit liability and instead claimed that the incident was minor and could not have caused the injuries.

To combat the defense's claims, the animation created to assist the Plaintiff's attorney in litigation needed to present the mechanism of injury and to detail the invasive nature of the surgical procedure. The presentation begins with a reconstruction of the collision itself, utilizing 3D models of both the Defendant and the Plaintiff with basic character likeness. As the Defendant is depicted striking the Plaintiff's vehicle, the camera moves in to show the lumbar spine being injured. Realistic animation of the muscles, bones, and other pertinent anatomy all aid in building an understanding of how the injuries were sustained as a result of the collision. Next, the surgical procedure is animated to show each step of the procedure from incision to closing suture, and the related conditions that stemmed from the injuries are explained. This mechanism of injury and reconstruction animation was able to assist the Plaintiff's counsel by accurately re-telling the events that transpired and compelling the defense to fairly settle the matter.

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It can be difficult to convey how a low impact collision results in significant injuries. Mechanism of injury animations depict the injury as they occur, and remove this barrier to fair compensation.
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