Woman Struck By Vehicle Sustains Multiple Fractures
Progressive 3D Stills & Medical Board Produced

A swerving vehicle violently struck a Northern California pedestrian, leaving her with multiple fractures across her body, contusions, and a severe traumatic brain injury. The impact of the collision caused the Plaintiff's body to crash into the windshield before being propelled onto the sidewalk. The injuries required installation of a brain shunt, feeding tube, and hardware to repair her fractures. Her attorney contacted DK Global to produce progressive 3D stills depicting the incident and a "body board" portraying all of the Plaintiff's injuries in one centralized image.

The team at DK Global compiled information from the incident report, operative reports, and other medical documentation to create the visual aids. Rather than animating the scene, the collision was depicted by a series of 3D stills. The frames progress through the events of the collision relevant to her injuries; from the Plaintiff walking in the crosswalk with the Defendant driving on the road behind her, to the Defendant swerving into the Plaintiff, the Plaintiff landing on the vehicle's windshield and lastly, her resting position on the side of the road. Each of these frames provides insight as to how the Plaintiff sustained her injuries. Next, the presentation moves into the medical portion. A 3D model of the Plaintiff with basic character likeness is depicted with the skin transparent to show the internal injuries. Every injury is labeled to ensure the viewer understands the full scope of the damages sustained. The visual aids provided strong support for the Plaintiff's attorney to litigate on her behalf.

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When your client has an exceptional range of injuries sustained, like the Plaintiff in this matter, summary of injuries body boards can convey that large quantity of information in a small graphic.
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