Woman's Head Pinned in Concession Stand Window
Woman Sustains TBI Resulting in CRPS

While volunteering at a softball concession stand, the client of Orange County attorney, Court Purdy, of Paoli & Purdy, LLP, was struck from behind when a counter door detached and struck her in the head. The blow left her pinned and unconscious. The plaintiff sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in the form of a coup contrecoup and as a result, now suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This syndrome causes burning pain and swelling in the plaintiff's extremities due to abnormal impulses continuously stimulating the inflammatory response in her body.

CRPS can be challenging to relay to a jury, so Mr. Purdy contacted DK Global to create a presentation to relay not only the mechanism of injury, but also the effects of CRPS. Our production team created a 3D animation of the incident and a coup contrecoup presentation that was paired with day-in-the-life video footage to provide the viewer with a thorough understanding of the events that transpired as well as the trauma sustained. The partnership between DK Global and Mr. Purdy resulted in a large, confidential settlement in favor of the plaintiff.

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At DK Global, the attention to detail we place into each reconstruction results in an accurate retelling of the incident that is not only easily understood, but conclusive.
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