Man Left with Skull Fracture and Traumatic Brain Injury After Being Shot in The Head
3D Reconstruction Animation and Medical Illustrations Assist Attorney In Securing A Settlement

After surviving a conflict that resulted in a bullet wound to the skull, a young man experienced a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and prolonged psychological suffering. The victim of the violent confrontation found himself struggling to acclimate to partial paralysis, physical ailments, and emotional trauma due to the injuries sustained. The Plaintiff, searching for justice, contacted an attorney to hold the aggressor responsible for his TBI and diminished behavioral health.

Upon learning the severity of the damages sustained from the bullet, the representing attorney promptly contacted DK Global to create an animation, accurately and effectively depicting the path the bullet was projected when it impacted the skull. Furthermore, he sought to demonstrate how the bullet wound and resulting hemorrhage affected the Plaintiff’s quality of life.

DK’s team of talented animators took exceptional care to dissect incident, radiology, and behavioral health reports as they vigilantly illustrated and labeled the cerebral structures and their importance for cognitive functioning. The damaged thalamus was highlighted and its connection to the central pain syndrome experienced by the Plaintiff was explained. In addition, the left cerebral hemisphere was recreated to educate the jury as to the several physical and mental behaviors that were altered due to its injury. For instance, the Plaintiff’s abnormal gait, imbalance, poor agility, seizures, struggle to process language, feelings of anxiety, visual field defects, and manufactured feelings of heat were all connected to this cerebral structure.

Furthermore, due to the various lobes damaged by the impact of the bullet wound and skull fragments, the Plaintiff experienced explosive outbursts that caused him to struggle to coordinate his thoughts. Likewise, the visuals provided by DK Global helped detail why the Plaintiff developed fears of inadequacy, insecurity, and indecision due to the traumatic experience he miraculously survived.

Armed with the eye-catching cerebral imagery, and moving data, the representing attorney could secure a substantial settlement on behalf of his deserving client. Offering him justice and affording him the time needed to mentally and physically rehabilitate following the traumatic incident.

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