Trash Truck Loses Brakes and Collides Into Home
Attorney Uses 3D Animation to Demonstrate Spinal Injury to Jury

Incidents causing severe injury can happen in an instant, often causing the parties involved to struggle to recall the specifics of the event as it transpired. Therefore, offering a visual reconstruction of the event can be of monumental importance as a victim or witness recounts their experiences. The visual representation of their statements allows the jury to successfully comprehend how an incident transpired.

Recently, a man was leaving his home to begin running errands when an unmanned trash truck lost its brakes and began careening through the neighborhood before crashing into his garage. The impact of the collision caused him to fall forward into his front door and dislodged medical hardware that had been attached to his spinal column. To dynamically portray the incident, DK Global was contacted to create an engaging animation that would effectively communicate how the Defendant was responsible for the injured Plaintiff’s damages.

DK Global created a side by side retelling of the incident as it unfolded using video footage from the rogue trash truck paired with an animation of the Plaintiff’s experience. As the two films played in real time, it allowed the viewer to see the danger of the truck as it overcame curbs and propelled toward the Plaintiff’s house while the Plaintiff carried on with routine tasks unaware of the danger that was lurking only feet away. As the impact of the trash truck occurred, the skin and muscle of the 3D modeled Plaintiff faded to show the skeletal structures and hardware beneath, offering the viewer an intimate perspective of the dislodgment of the Plaintiff’s black plate.

The resulting displacement caused the Plaintiff to require surgery, leading to the accruement of unexpected medical bills. The Plaintiff’s attorney used DK’s dynamic visuals to assist him in securing a substantial figure for the Plaintiff, offering him justice and financial security.


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