Brian Chase, Esq. Represents Baby With Life-Altering Injuries
$16 Million Judgment Secured by Brian Chase, Esq. for Child Severely Injured In Collision

Southern California attorney, Brian Chase, Senior Partner of Bisnar Chase, received a $16 million judgment from a trial judge, the largest result of any case DK worked on in 2016. The Plaintiff in the matter was a one-year-old baby when he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, causing life-altering damages. A reckless driver failed to slow for traffic and plowed into the back of multiple vehicles, including the Plaintiff’s, going approximately 60 miles per hour. During the incident, the passenger's seat back failed and caused the passenger's head to strike the baby's head. Despite being strapped into a car seat, the baby sustained serious injuries. The Plaintiff's forehead immediately caved in, and emergency surgery was performed to relieve the pressure. Additionally, the baby required operations to reconstruct his nose bridge and orbital area, and another to address his cochlea which had been severed by his frontal bone. In the years following the collision, it became clear that he sustained life-altering injuries. The child became impulsive, was unable to speak beyond one or two-word phrases with poor articulation, and lost his attention span. Recommendations from a neuropsychologist included employing multiple therapists to address his behavior, speech, and occupational needs. Additionally, the neuropsychologist reported that the child will likely require ongoing services into his adult years.

Attorney Chase, who was assisted by fellow attorney Scott Ritsema, was committed to not only earning the maximum judgment for the suit, but also to holding the parties involved accountable for their failures in keeping the Plaintiff and his family safe. His outstanding litigation techniques led to two substantial settlements against Ford Motor Company and Toyo Seat Company, but he needed a visual presentation that explained the Plaintiff’s injuries - and their lasting effects - for the suit against the driver of the other vehicle. Attorney Chase’s initial concern about admissibility was eased as soon as the production process began, and he was able to seamlessly weave the animation into his argument, leaving the judge with no other option but to render a large judgment. The $16 million judgment was able to cover the medical bills associated with the collision, which was especially important in this case because the child's mother was ineligible for medical insurance through her employer's provider. More than medical bills, Attorney Chase ensured their client would not be burdened by his projected future costs of care and that the Defendant would be held accountable for their careless behavior, which has left a significant impact on the Plaintiff's life.

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