Young Man Left with Serious Facial Fractures and TBI Due to Auto Collision
Medical Illustrations Aid Attorney in Presenting Complicated Brain Injury Case

After his involvement in a catastrophic collision, a young man was left with serious injuries to his face and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Though he was quickly transported to the hospital, he continued to experience medical complications as a result of the injuries he sustained.

The impact he suffered to the left side of his face caused strain and dissection to his right vertebral artery, and the soft tissue injury to the left side of his neck caused internal gas to develop. In addition, while attempting to recover in the hospital, the victim suffered chronic respiratory failure, pneumonia, and seizures. He also suffered TBI in the form of a left upper extremity fracture and left subdural hematoma.

Ultimately, there was damage to the victim’s arteries that caused blood flow to the brain to be obstructed, leading to a massive stroke to the cerebellum and other cerebral areas.

As the victim worked to rebuild his health, he sought out the representation of a qualified attorney. He was determined to hold the proper party responsible for his injuries and recovery. The representing attorney quickly contacted DK Global to properly present the injuries sustained and the TBI. Furthermore, DK’s creative team was tasked with the responsibility of properly labeling and detailing the anatomical structures affected by the collision.

With the help of medical records, on scene photos, and Plaintiff testimony, the production team at DK Global delivered a dynamic representation of the Plaintiff’s external and cerebral injuries. The representing attorney, armed with DK visuals, effectively communicated to the jury the prolonged recovery time suffered by his client and the extent to which his TBI has changed his quality of life.

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