1 Out of Every 60 Americans Struggle with a TBI
Show the Invisible Brain Injury - Achieve Justice For Your Clients

Every 13 seconds someone sustains a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the United States. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, at least 5.3 million Americans, or one out of every 60 people, live with TBI-related disabilities. TBIs are most commonly caused by falls and motor vehicle collisions when a bump, jolt, or penetrating injury impacts the head, however, TBIs can happen in a number of ways. At DK Global, we specialize in TBI cases and have seen them range from mild to severe as a result of common incidents as well as unique injuries from gunshot wounds and even golfing incidents.

Mild TBIs often fail to appear on medical imagery, posing an additional barrier to securing proper compensation. For cases like these, neuro psych evaluations and cogent medical animations can make the difference between the case settling with a less-than-satisfactory result and a multi-million-dollar settlement or verdict. Reports from qualified experts can prove that the client is suffering from a brain injury, despite its seeming absence on a radiology image. Animations, and other visual presentations, can then show a jury how that injury is impacting the client. Without both, it can be exceedingly difficult to convince a jury or the opposing counsel to resolve the suit with a high dollar amount.

Individuals that have sustained TBIs frequently suffer from neurological impairments that require specialized care from physicians, family members and close friends. Outside of personal care, the need for frequent transportation to medical appointments for therapy, tests, and surgery, can impact the family's regular schedule. While some people recover from TBIs, others do not and are unable to maintain their profession, resulting in serious financial hardship. Documentary-style "Day-In-The-Life" presentations can be especially helpful in these cases because they allow the client and their loved ones to explain how their lives have been altered by the injuries sustained. Empathy can be built around footage showing not only the client performing daily tasks that have become increasingly challenging, but also how the family has adjusted their own routines to accommodate their injured loved one.

To effectively litigate a brain injury case, attorneys must consider all of these factors. Moreover, the most successful attorneys invest in the highest quality visual presentations and experts to ensure the jury, mediator or judge can fully appreciate the complexities and severity of the client's injuries. In each of the cases featured in the video, animation and custom graphics provided a compelling complement to strong litigation techniques from a number of esteemed attorneys, and led to significant settlements, verdicts and judgements for people suffering with TBIs.


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