Negligent Truck Driver Hits Woman Head On
Attorneys Use 3D Animation to Demonstrate Traumatic Brain Injury

A woman is hit by a tractor truck while walking down a parking lot in an industrial area. After being struck, the Plaintiff suffered multiple traumatic injuries and lacerations throughout her head and body. Furthermore, due to her head violently hitting the ground, the Plaintiff suffered multiple brain injuries, including a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Aside from the obvious pain that now engulfs her entire body, the Plaintiff also experiences post traumatic headaches which are associated with the injuries sustained. Attorneys Thomas J. Johnston and Nick Hutchinson, from Johnston & Hutchinson, LLP, were confident that a medical illustration of the Plaintiff’s head injury and an animated reconstruction of the shocking incident, would strengthen the impact of their argument, tilting the case in their client’s favor. They decided to contact our very own Alex Deaconson from DK Global, to aid with obtaining the right tools this case needed.

DK Global, directed by Attorney Johnston, strategically put together an accurate and informative presentation of the events surrounding the incident. The animation includes the truck carelessly and violently hitting the plaintiff, smashing her against the concrete. The animation then zooms in on the Plaintiff after the impact and focuses on the laceration on the back of her head. A medical still image of the brain with detailed information then illustrates a sliced view of the Plaintiff’s brain to demonstrate the hemorrhage suffered. Medical colorized images of brain scans are one of DK Global’s most commonly commissioned requests, as it undoubtedly aids in interpreting medical jargon and injuries that are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Utilizing our work, Attorney Johnston attained justice for his client, securing a confidential seven-figure settlement. Thomas Johnston is a partner at Johnston & Hutchinson LLP in Los Angeles CA. His cases of specialty include catastrophic injury and wrongful death matters. His opponents, peers, and judges know him for his excellent reputation and his trial skills. In the hands of a capable attorney such as him, our visuals bolster any case to be undisputable. The team at DK Global continually works on bettering ourselves, our visuals, and creating legal aid that gets results.

"I watched the DK Global features for about a year wondering if a DK Global animation could help my cases. I am very glad I took the plunge.  DK Global did an outstanding job bringing the case to life.  Seeing is believing.  Thank you very much for the great work.  Take the plunge."

- Thomas Johnston


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