Man Injured on Construction Site Due to Negligence
Legal Malpractice Results In Dismissal of Personal Injury Case

A substantial settlement has been reached in a matter involving an injured man whose original attorney committed several acts of malpractice, leading to the dismissal of his suit. The Plaintiff in the matter was driving a commercial truck filled with concrete powder, dirt and other dry materials between work sites. Another employee was supposed to monitor the Plaintiff's truck and gauges as he unloaded the concrete, but he failed to do so and the concrete exploded. The Plaintiff was knocked unconscious by the explosion and his lungs began to fill with concrete powder, causing severe permanent damage to his lungs. The attorney retained immediately after the incident missed filings and failed to retrieve pertinent documents, among other instances of legal malpractice. As a result, the personal injury claim was dismissed. The Plaintiff then retained another attorney to seek justice against the original attorney, but in Texas, the legitimacy of the original suit must be established before proving legal malpractice.

DK Global was employed to create a reconstruction of the incident to assist in proving that the Plaintiff's lung damage was the fault of the explosion, which resulted from the other employee failing to stay at his post. Using various photos submitted by the client, as well as the incident report and medical documentation, the DK team created a 3D model of the scene and depicted the explosion, as well as the amount of lung damage sustained by the Plaintiff. The animation contributed to a comprehensive argument and helped the Plaintiff's new attorney prove both the legitimacy of the original suit, as well as the legal malpractice.

 "I just wanted to circle back and thank you guys for helping me tell [Plaintiff's] story.  He was very pleased with the animation.  While I cannot disclose the settlement amount, the case was settled and the animation was very helpful." - Plaintiff's Attorney

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