Woman Injured in Four-Car Pileup Due to Unsafe Speed
Attorneys Use Animation to Demonstrate Collision & Complex Spinal Surgery

DK Global was commissioned by Ron Bamieh and David Ring, of Bamieh & Erickson, to produce a visual presentation for a case in which the Plaintiff was involved in a four-vehicle collision. Due to a careless act by the Defendant, who was traveling at an unsafe speed, the victim suffered multiple fractures to her lower spine. Attorneys Bamieh and Ring identified this case as particularly problematic to explain to the jury, as his client had to undergo an invasive surgery following her involvement in the collision. However, perhaps the most difficult aspect of representing the surgery was effectively conveying to the jury that the complexities of the post-collision operation were not linked to a previous surgery. Rather, the post-collision operation amplified the pain and suffering that characterized the recovery process of the previous surgery and led to the current complications experienced by the Plaintiff.

Using operative and incident reports, the creative team at DK Global dynamically reconstructed the incident. The animation then zoomed into her lumbar spine to demonstrate her previous medical condition, which had been operated on less than 2 months prior to the impact. The presentation progressed to establish how the force of the collision affected the Plaintiff’s lower spine. Thus, revealing a fractured vertebra and collapse of the post-surgical level that was still healing. The animation then changed frame to portray the invasive medical surgery the Plaintiff underwent because of her involvement in the collision. The attorney was able to clearly present the gruesome procedure of disc scraping and removal with the help of the surgical portion of the animation. Followed by the malleted application of a solitaire PEEK cage that was affixed by several screws. As the animation culminated, the viewer could properly process the aggressive nature of the surgery performed and the lengthy recovery times that followed.

Armed with compelling visuals, the Attorneys secured a 1.3-Million-dollar settlement, affording the Plaintiff time needed to properly recover without worrying about how to pay for her medical expenses. The team of lawyers at The Law Offices of Bamieh and Erikson, PLC are experienced litigators who are not afraid to go to trial. With their fearless attitude, they have handled some of the largest cases in their community and some of the most notorious criminal Defense cases in the country.

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