Careless Driver Causes Life-Altering Leg Injuries to Moped Rider
3D Reconstruction of Mechanism of Injury Assits Attorney in Settlement

When a careless driver struck a moped, the driver of the moped sustained a fracture to one of his legs that required a surgical procedure. The Defendant pulled out of a side street and into the path of the Plaintiff. Rather than coming to a stop, the Defendant accelerated and defeated the Plaintiff's efforts to swerve away from the impact. Still, the Plaintiff attempted to minimize the consequences of the Defendant's reckless behavior by laying down his moped in the seconds before impact. However, his body was propelled into the side of the vehicle and his scooter landed on his leg, causing a proximal tibial plateau fracture. This injury immediately required extensive and invasive surgery, which forced him to wear an external fixator for approximately three weeks following surgery.

The Plaintiff's attorney, Jason Melancon, contacted DK Global to assemble a mechanism of injury and reconstruction animation to assist him in mediation. In addition to a progression of 3D still images to depict each frame of the collision, the team animated an overhead view of the incident. Once the Plaintiff was shown in his resting position, the mechanism of injury and medical portion of the presentation began. With the camera moving into the leg, the Plaintiff’s clothing and skin turned transparent to show the fracture and affected anatomy. The highlights of the surgical procedure were depicted, particularly focusing on the installation of the external fixator. Photographs from the Plaintiff's recovery contributed to the emotional impact and overall legitimacy of the presentation. This visual aid was able to establish liability by showing the Defendant's negligence and the subsequent poor decision to accelerate instead of stopping. Furthermore, it assisted in maximizing damages by conveying the severity of the incident.

"The reconstructionist’s simulation of the accident aided in completely negating prior suggestions of comparative fault on the plaintiff, who was traveling down the road with the right of way. Also, medical animations showed the defendants our focus on damages as well as liability."

 -Jason Melancon with Melancon & Rimes

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