Boy Hit on Crosswalk By Truck While Riding His Bicycle
Attorney Uses 3D Animation to Convey Negligence of Driver

When Attorney Caleb Anthony’s client, who had been hit by a truck, had been denied liability remuneration, he reached out to DK Global to aid in illustrating the indisputable facts of the matter to the Defense. This esteemed attorney is a member of James McKiernan Lawyers, a firm that specializes in automobile and other injury cases due to the reckless, negligent or deliberate behavior of others. Due to his experience in settling, and assisting in the mediated settlement of over 400 cases, attorney Anthony believed an animation for this case would be pivotal in communicating the Defendant’s negligence.

While riding his bike on a busy street, the 13-year-old Plaintiff was struck by a truck even though he had taken all the necessary precautions to journey across the intersection safely. Before crossing the street, the Plaintiff pushed the pedestrian traffic signal to alert drivers of his imminent crossing. After looking to confirm that oncoming traffic was aware of his presence, he began to cross the street using the designated pedestrian crosswalk. Though the car closest to him had slowed down and entered a parking lot, he noticed that all other traffic was stopping, so he proceeded to ride his bike across the street. As he approached the first lane in traffic, a truck forcibly struck him, tossing him in the air before landing violently in the middle of the road. Not only was the Plaintiff’s bike substantially damaged, but his buttock suffered a sizeable tear due to the calamitous impact.

“This young man and his guardian came up to us after two years of his claim being denied on liability.  The traffic report was 100% against him.  The police officer made special mention that our client admitted to being at fault, that he wasn’t wearing his glasses or a bike helmet, and his brakes were not in working condition.

It simply didn’t sit well with us that this young man was allowed to be run over in a crosswalk, sustain serious injury, and not receive any compensation for his loss.

We needed a way to overcome these aspects of the case, and show the mediator and adjuster that those factors were irrelevant when it came to what the Defendant saw, or should have seen.

DK Global’s video brought to life our main argument – that the Defendant’s perspective gave him ample notice to see the Plaintiff, and avoid this incident altogether.

That is why our client is now enjoying a settlement that will take care of him for years to come.” – Caleb J. Anthony

Attorney Anthony was not satisfied when his client was denied liability compensation, despite all of the distinct markers for pedestrians in the area. The DK Global team immediately reviewed the materials provided by the attorney, and produced an animation which recreated the events leading to the impact. The finished product shows the Defendant traveling at 30 miles an hour and recklessly driving through the crosswalk, as the Plaintiff, adhering to proper traffic guidelines, attempted to safely cross on his bicycle.

To say the least, the Defendant should have easily identified that the Plaintiff was crossing the street. The animation is precise at portraying how the street was well equipped to alert drivers of pedestrians crossing the road; including a well-marked white crosswalk, yield lines for drivers, pedestrian signs with 5 LED lights at each side of the crosswalk, and two “State Law: Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk” signs. Thus, the animation illustrates to the viewer all the various signs the Defendant should have paid attention to, as well as the clear view the Defendant had of the Plaintiff.

According to Attorney Anthony, before the animation, the Defense was not intending to settle, and did not have an offer prepared for the Plaintiff to review. However, once the adjuster viewed DK Global’s animation, the case promptly settled at mediation. As a company who prides itself in being a part of the acquisition of justice, we were happy to have provided the tools to augment Attorney Anthony’s words and obtain the result his client deserved.

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