Violent Rear-End Collision Results in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Attorney Utilizes 3D Surgical Animation to Demonstrate Brain Injury

A 63-year-old Plaintiff was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer truck. Though he denied losing consciousness at the scene, the Plaintiff had a 6" to 8" laceration on his head from striking the roof of his car. He attempted to settle the claim with the insurance company, but was offered a mere $15,000. Frustrated by the insurance company’s lack of desire to do what was right, the Plaintiff contacted attorney Ben Vinson of Vinson Law Firm in Tampa, Florida. Vinson, in turn, associated John Sloan of the Sloan Firm in Texas to represent the Plaintiff. Both lawyers, equipped with invaluable resources, were determined to fight for their client. What started as a $90,000 mediation offer became a $3.4 Million total judgment.

The effects of the collision resulted in ongoing therapy and frequent headaches for the Plaintiff. Although he only missed 10 days’ work from his job at Universal Studios, the Plaintiff’s wife began noticing her husband was having concentration and short-term memory problems. Aware of the complicated circumstances around the Plaintiff’s case, attorney John Sloan called on the expertise of DK Global to produce a visual presentation which would better illustrate his client’s experience to the jury.

Using medical experts and the radiographic images, the team at DK Global created a comprehensive presentation consisting of 3D models, 3D animations and custom labeled graphics. The presentation opens with a 3D character model that portrays a slice view of the injuries sustained by the Plaintiff. It is then followed by a detailed 3D animation of a coup contrecoup, an incidence where the brain suffers severe injury after forcibly colliding with the back of the skull before recoiling and striking the front of the skull. Subsequently, a 3D animation ensures the portrayal of lasting nerve damage. The presentation wraps up with custom graphics identifying the limitations that the Plaintiff has and will experience as a result of the damage to his brain.

Even though the consequences of the Defendant’s actions will affect the Plaintiff for life, Attorneys John Sloan and Ben Vinson were able to use DK Global’s visuals to their advantage, securing the substantial result and providing his client financial security for the rest of his life.

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