Construction Worker Falls from Scaffold, Resulting in Serious Spine and Head Injury
Attorney Proves Negligence with 3D Reconstruction Animation

After surviving a daunting fall from a frightening height, a construction worker sought compensation for the invasive surgeries he underwent because of the OSHA violations that occurred on his work site. Upon hearing the recount of events and assessing medical records, the representing attorney knew that if appropriate and substantial figures were to be attained on behalf of his client, visual media would need to be created and employed during the litigation process.

DK Global’s creative team was tasked with conveying the seriousness of the OSHA violations that occurred and further explain how the employer’s negligence led to the necessity of several invasive surgical procedures for the Plaintiff. To effectively explain the OSHA violations, a series of animated stills were created that were accurately labeled with the status of the worksite, in contrast to current OSHA guidelines. The construction equipment was reconstructed to demonstrate that the scaffold was damaged and did not have the ability to support the Plaintiff. The animation depicts the missing hand rails and how the scaffold was unaffixed to a permanent structure and was sitting on unlocked wheels. Furthermore, the Plaintiff was expected to scale this dangerous structure without being provided a compulsory hard hat or safety harness.

Following this detailed information, the jury was presented with a comprehensive animation that thoroughly explained the complex nature of the surgical procedures performed in an easily understandable manner. Operative Reports and x-rays were dissected and used as a tool to ensure that all pertinent anatomy and procedures were appropriately labeled. Three-dimensional incisions were shown being made, followed by the insertion and affixation of hardware, rods, and screws. The animation then culminated with the Plaintiff’s graphic x-ray that detailed the final position of the inserted materials, providing the viewer with a telling image that detailed the invasiveness of the surgeries performed.

Armed with these cutting-edge visuals, the representing attorney could successfully litigate on behalf of his client, acquiring justice through the acquisition of a substantial monetary figure. This allowed the Plaintiff to take the time he needed to recover without worrying about the costly medical bills had accrued. Likewise, the attorney could advocate on behalf of those construction workers who were expected to work in dangerous working conditions by encouraging employers to adhere to all OSHA guidelines and regulations.

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