Plaintiff Suffers Severe Injuries, Defendant Fails to Assist
Defendant Fails to Assist Severely Injured Man

Northern California attorney, Bruce Ahnfeldt, successfully litigated a suit on behalf of a man who sustained serious injuries in a side impact collision. The Defendant caused the collision after he failed to yield at an intersection as the Plaintiff was passing through. The force of the impact caused the Plaintiff to suffer a sternum fracture, as well as multiple fractures to the ribs and spine. In addition, he sustained a lung hematoma, numerous contusions, and a serious neck laceration from the seat belt. Attorney Ahnfeldt contacted DK Global to produce an animation that would depict the collision and injuries sustained due to the Defendant's carelessness.

Medical documents and the police report guided DK Global’s team of animators as they crafted the presentation, ensuring its accuracy. The animation begins with the Defendant stopped at an intersection, heading west, while the Plaintiff drives northbound. The Defendant's truck is animated driving out in front of the Plaintiff, causing a violent collision which leads to the vehicles uncontrollably spinning across the roadway. The camera then dynamically moves into the Plaintiff's vehicle as the car and background turn transparent to portray the injuries sustained. The Plaintiff's seven rib fractures, fracture to the sternum, lung contusion and hematoma, three spinal fractures, and the finger injury, are all animated and labeled. Next, the Plaintiff is animated escaping his vehicle through the window and crawling back towards the intersection as he falls unconscious. The Defendant is shown failing to assist the victim as he gets back in his vehicle to flee the scene. The visual aid provided exactly what Attorney Ahnfeldt needed to secure a substantial, but confidential, settlement: a concise and compelling recreation of the incident that adequately conveyed the severity of the injuries sustained and the irrefutable negligence of the Defendant.

Attorney Bruce L. Ahnfeldt has been representing asbestos lung disease victims, personal injury and medical malpractice clients for over 30 years. Attorney Ahnfeldt is successful at regularly securing substantial settlements for victims and their families.

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