Man Killed By Distracted Driver On Interstate Highway
$1.5 Million Settlement Reached

Pittsburgh attorneys, Trent Echard and Matthew Marquette of Echard Marquette, P.C., litigated their way to a $1.5 million settlement for the surviving family of a man killed on Mother's Day when a distracted driver struck his vehicle head-on. The suit alleged that the Defendant was driving on the opposite side of the highway from the Plaintiff, and was distracted by her cell phone's GPS application. She began to veer off the interstate and lost control of the vehicle, crossing the center divider of the highway and striking the Plaintiff head-on. The force of impact destroyed the front end of the Plaintiff's vehicle and left him with severe internal and external injuries across his body. The Plaintiff fought for his life for about one hour following the collision, including 39 minutes of slow suffocation in which he experienced extreme physical pain. To assist their argument, Attorneys Echard and Marquette wanted a reconstruction animation of the collision as well as a comprehensive medical presentation that would not only depict the injuries, but also the pain the Plaintiff suffered in between impact and loss of consciousness leading to his death.

DK Global's production team used multiple medical documents to ensure the most accurate and complete re-telling of the Plaintiff's story. A medical board was produced that showed a 3D character model of the Plaintiff with all of his most serious injuries labeled and highlighted. The significant bruising to his forehead is depicted, along with his multiple fractures, crushed femur, internal trauma, a puncture wound to the abdomen, and more. A set of lungs mirroring the Plaintiff's breathing in the hour between the collision and his death is depicted next to his character model and a stopwatch showing the time progression. The presentation was coupled with voice narration and a custom PowerPoint. Each of the elements contributed to a serious, and empathy-inspiring, visual aid. Attorneys Echard and Marquette skillfully used the visuals in a settlement conference and were able to obtain $1.5 million for the victim's surviving family. This result was achieved in under 9 months.

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