Man Suffers Severe Burns After Lawn Mower Catches Fire
Reconstructive Animation Assists Attorney in Demonstrating Product Liability

Product liability cases are significant, both in protecting future consumers and obtaining justice for an unsuspecting victim of a failed product. Attorney Timothy Trecek of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. based out of Wisconsin, brought DK Global in on a tragic case in which an ill manufactured fuel cap on a riding lawn mower caused a man to be caught on fire. The man suffered burns on 70% of his body and had to be hospitalized for 232 days undergoing 33 procedures, including 22 skin grafts. Attorney Trecek sought out DK Global to create a presentation which put the case’s depositions, research, and reenactment into a final presentation to utilize at trial.

DK Global’s visual representation of the Plaintiff’s horrific experiences encompassed a detailed break-down of how the incident occurred. Starting with a pre-photo of the client’s lawn mower and moving into a re-enactment animation where we can see the Plaintiff using the machine for a certain amount of time. A quick overview of how the machine operates and the cap’s movement while in use illustrated the pre-cursors of the malfunction.

The presentation follows the Plaintiff down a street and as he comes to a stop. It then follows with a graphic demonstration of the man being caught on fire. The presentation is concluded as we see a photo of the remains of the actual lawn mower after the fire. The blunt visuals were far from sugar-coated, eliciting the understanding of the jurors and the judge that the physical, emotional, and psychological damages were due to the unsuccessful workings of the manufacturer.

Attorney Tim Trecek is a nationally recognized trial attorney whose cases have been featured in publications such as the Washington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle.  He has successfully litigated all types of personal injury cases, has been recognized consistently as a Wisconsin Super Lawyer, two-time Product Liability Lawyer of the Year and has been selected for exclusive membership in the American Board of Trial Advocates, a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers and a member of the International Society of Barristers.

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