Gas Explosion Launches Construction Worker 54-Feet Across Field
Texas Attorney Utilizes Animation to Demonstrate Event and Damages

Texas Attorney Kevin Liles of Liles White, PLLC represented a man who was thrown 54 feet in a high-pressure gas pipeline explosion. Due to the blunt impact upon landing, the Plaintiff sustained a brain injury and a comminuted fracture to the lower left leg. In a case which relied on the jury understanding the mechanics of the construction site and the brain injury itself, attorney Liles called DK Global to create a presentation which explained the key facts needed to fully grasp the details of the incident.

The presentation begins with a quick fact sheet and a diagram showing the basic anatomy of the brain and neuron composition, giving the jury a basic understanding of the medical terminology pertaining to the case. On-site photos are presented to provide a visual reference to the construction site’s environment. Text pinpoints where the Plaintiff had been standing before being propelled into the air. Next, the animation team reconstructed the explosion, with a 3D character model of the Plaintiff shown as he is projected into the air. Working with an expert, our animators used accurate measurements to depict the distance the Plaintiff had traveled before landing 54 ft from “the hole” and fracturing his lower left leg.

Attorney Liles wished to really cement in the jury’s mind how a TBI is sustained and what the effects on his client were. He additionally requested the team to include multiple slides highlighting the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary effects on the brain, and a coup-contrecoup animation. This case settled with one of the two parties for a confidential amount, and we are currently pursuing claims against another party in a recently filed new suit.

Attorney Liles has been representing injured individuals across the country for decades. He has obtained multiple million-dollar settlements and verdicts, including a including a $37,945,000.00 trucking verdict in a single death case. His aggressive approach to litigation allows him to obtain quicker results and maximize his case’s value, making him one of the top trial lawyers in the country.

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