Serious Spinal Injuries to Pedestrian Hit by Vehicle
Attorney Erika Contreras Secures Favorable Settlement For Client

The work of outstanding women should be celebrated throughout the year. This March, in honor of National Women's History Month, we are giving a little extra attention to the female attorneys who have worked to make sure not only their voice but the voice of their client is heard.

Attorney Erika Contreras, of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, took a few moments to sit down with DK Global and speak about how being a bilingual female attorney has been an asset to her career. From being fluent in French and Spanish in a state which has the highest percentage of Spanish-only speakers to connecting with clients on another level as a mother of four, attorney Contreras believes firmly that women can, in fact, do it all.

Our creative team had the pleasure of working with Attorney Contreras regarding a case of a man hit while walking his bike across the street. The man sustained a TBI and a cervical fracture which he later received surgery on. The Plaintiff underwent a fusion of the spine and knee surgery to help with the physical injuries sustained and was left with the deficits received from the TBI. Our team worked alongside medical experts to colorize and enhance key points on the MRI and x-rays. The resulting visuals aided in illustrating the seemingly invisible injury that had taken place in the brain and led to a very favorable settlement for the client, before even setting foot in a courtroom.

Attorney Erika Contreras has built a reputation as a Super Lawyers' Rising Star and has been named one of Los Angeles Magazine’s Top Women Attorneys in Southern California. DK Global is honored to work with attorneys such as Erika Contreras who continue to pave the way for aspiring attorneys of all backgrounds and genders.
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