Water Truck Rear-Ends Woman into Another Vehicle
Reconstructive and Medical Animation Demonstrates the Magnitude of the Impact

A woman was stopped at a red light when a water truck rear-ended her and sent her smashing into the car in front of her. She sustained an L3-L4 burst fracture and required a 2-level cervical procedure, in addition to a total right shoulder replacement for the future. Attorney Robert Amick of Amick Law Offices reached out to DK Global to create a reconstructive animation of the collision and a medical presentation of the surgery and injuries the victim received from the incident.

The animation began with a 3D model with a similar likeness to the Plaintiff in her stopped vehicle. The visual then transitioned to illustrate her movement in the transparent vehicle as she is rear-ended. The camera zoomed into the Plaintiff’s body as it turned transparent to reveal the injuries to her shoulder and spine with a red highlighted glow. A stock discectomy and fusion were used in the presentation to strategically stay within the parameters of the budget, affording more production focus on the reconstructive aspects of the video. Stock visuals for medical procedures are commonly utilized during mediation to explain the surgery in general, without specific details pertaining to the Plaintiff being included. An imperative tool for a skilled attorney to bring into play.

With our visuals working in his favor, the case closed with a confidential settlement in the Plaintiff's favor. Attorney Amick has worked exclusively in representing personal injury clients since 1997. His goal is to always achieve the highest possible award for his client. The firm has resolved multi-million dollar plus claims without having the need to go through litigation or trial.

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