Oklahoma Attorney Defends Trucker Hit by Vehicle
Multiple Perspectives Animation Tells Defendant's Story

Attorney Joseph Farris of Franden, Farris, Quillin, Goodnight Roberts reached out to DK Global for a reconstruction of a traffic collision that took place on a state highway. The Plaintiff’s vehicle crossed over the traffic lines and straight into their client’s truck. Our presentation pulled three perspectives into one creating an encompassing visual that told the story of the incident from a bird’s eye view and through the eyes of the Defendant and the witness.

We are pulled into frame focusing in on the Plaintiff’s vehicle, following it as it slams headfirst into the Defendant’s vehicle. A replay places us in the driver’s seat of the Defendant’s truck, as he drives forward suddenly seeing the other vehicle coming towards him. He swerves in efforts to avoid the hit but isn’t able to fully evade the impact. A third perspective comes into play, as we replay the ordeal one last time in the witness’s POV. Incorporating the witness’s perspective allows us to see the alignment of their experience with that of the Defendant, vouching for its accuracy. After a 3-day trial, there was a unanimous defense verdict on behalf of attorney Farris's client.

Attorney Farris has tried hundreds of cases, both before a judge and jury, within numerous practice areas.  He is a fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers and the American College of Trial Lawyers both organizations only accepting the elite, top 1%, of trial lawyers in the nation and internationally. He has consistently been ranked in Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers for Oklahoma. For the last 10 years he has been ranked within the top 50 Super Lawyers and for the last 6 years has been ranked within the top 10 Super Lawyers in Oklahoma.

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