Los Angeles Attorneys Obtain $6.65 Million-Dollar Settlement in Collision Case
Multiple Defendants Include the State of California

In December of 2012, a Southern California woman was driving on her way to work when a semi-truck driver headed in the opposite direction smashed into her. The truck driver had lost control of his vehicle on the 4-lane highway and had ended up crossing into the opposite lanes of traffic hitting multiple vehicles. Consequently, the Plaintiff sustained several complex fractures and a severe traumatic brain injury. Attorneys Christopher Aumais and Ashkahn Mohamadi of Los Angeles’s Girardi Keese reached out to DK Global for a presentation which reconstructed the incident and highlighted the faulty infrastructure of the highway.

Going after the state of California is a challenge of its own, and in this case, the attorneys also faced the challenge of proving that if there had been a center median, it would have prevented the collision. The visuals created by DK Global would bring the highway to the jury, allowing them to see with their own eyes the functionality of the express highway and the need for a divider. Utilizing traffic reports and photos from the scene, our team accurately recreated the highway and the collision for the jury. The representing attorneys turned in the visuals to the opposing side during discovery, which acted as the catalyst in reaching a settlement of $6.65 million dollars.

Girardi | Keese is an accomplished personal injury law firm based out of Los Angeles. Both attorneys Christopher Aumais' and Ashkahn Mohamadi are dedicated to pursuing justice for their clients, including many who have suffered enormous physical and traumatic injuries. Their remarkable success, individually and collectively, has set the firm apart nationally and can be seen through the many significant verdicts and settlements each attorney has secured throughout their careers.

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