New York Attorney Represents Motorcyclist Injured by Commercial Truck
Reconstruction with Damages Animation Depicts Extent of Injuries

An attorney reached out to DK Global to aid in proving the liability in a vehicle versus bike case. The man was riding his motorcycle down a town street when a commercial vehicle made a left turn directly in front of him. Unable to avoid it, the motorcyclist slammed straight into the truck. The numerous injuries on the Plaintiff were apparent at the scene of the incident with large lacerations and road burns covering the man’s body. The DK Global team created a presentation which captured the more covert injuries that the Plaintiff had sustained, tying in his testimony in efforts to explain the full extent of the damage as well as visually verifying the mechanics of the collision.

The presentation begins with an animation reconstruction of the traffic report. The environment is fully digitized to correspond with the actual street and lighting involved during the incident. All implicated vehicles are modeled in 3D, as well as the Plaintiff, who can be seen coming down the road from multiple perspectives. The final image from the reconstruction portion is of the Plaintiff on the road with his surface injuries being pinpointed. The visual then transitions into a damages portion which utilizes the 3D model of the Plaintiff to illustrate further the extent of the injuries.

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