Distracted Pedestrian Hit by Vehicle in Parking Garage
Custom Animation Utilizes Multiple Viewpoints to Demonstrate Plaintiff’s Negligence

A Las Vegas attorney contacted DK Global for a reconstruction of a vehicle vs pedestrian case which took place inside a parking garage. DK Global created an animation which clearly defined the details leading to the unforeseen incident.

A combination of animation and surveillance footage is used in this presentation to accurately depict the order of events which took place and ultimately led to the impact. Nearby surveillance footage shows the Defendant as he enters the parking garage in his truck. The scene transitions to a 3D animation picking up where the surveillance left off, following the Defendant as he makes a left turn around a large pillar which blocks his view of the Plaintiff. The animation clearly shows how the Plaintiff walks into the path of the oncoming truck, with a phone and earphones holding his full attention. Going 5 miles an hour, the Defendant hits the Plaintiff as he comes around the corner. The animation changes to the Plaintiff’s point-of-view illustrating the lack of awareness he has as he is looking down at his phone. As the point-of-view continues, the viewer can see how the Defendant’s truck lights are visible on the ground before the Plaintiff is then hit.

Often times Defense attorneys are hesitant to utilize visuals. Proper demonstratives can be highly beneficial when working up any type of case, including those from a Defendant's point of view. Our visual consultants have years of experience and can work along your side to find the best visual strategy for your case.

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