3D Animation Reconstructs Head-On Collision
Various Perspectives Emphasize Importance of Tool Box

After his client was struck head-on by an oncoming vehicle, attorney Ronald Fomalont, of the Law Offices of Ronald J. Fomalont requested the expertise of DK Global in presenting a visual reconstruction of the incident.

Beginning the animation, the Plaintiff is seen driving along a highway as a curve comes up ahead. The Defendant quickly comes around the corner and on the wrong side of the road, slamming head-on into the Plaintiff. The toolbox in the back of her truck is seen forcibly striking the back window of the cab. A replay is shown from a side perspective as the Plaintiff’s body shoots forward into the deployed airbag. Her head and neck jolt forward and back again. The camera zooms in and the Plaintiff’s body turns transparent to reveal the damage sustained to her hips and spine in the crash.

The movement of the toolbox was imperative to this case, as the Defense argued the impact was not as forceful as the Plaintiff claimed. The metal toolbox weighing a lofty 90-110 pounds slammed violently into the back of the pickup truck, despite being strapped down to the bed of the truck. This fact was a cornerstone to proving the impact was enough to cause serious damage and all the injuries sustained by the Plaintiff. Attorney Fomalont was successfully able to obtain a settlement of $325,000 for his client.

Attorney Fomalont practices out of Woodland Hills, California and specializes in helping clients with their personal injury claims.

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