Hotel Chair Collapses and Damages Pilot’s Spine
Presentation Shows Significance of Stressed Hyperflexion

Attorneys Sean Breen and Chris Lavorato of Howry Breen & Herman, L.L.P., represented an airline pilot who was injured when a hotel bar stool back support collapsed on him. The man had to exert a large amount of force in order to stop himself from falling backward, causing hyperflexion in the cervical and lumbar spine. Explaining the significance of this injury was difficult due to the somewhat simplistic nature of the incident. Attorney Breen reached out to DK Global to recreate the surveillance footage in a 3D animation, stressing the hyperflexion that occurred due to the sudden movement.


Surveillance footage starts off the presentation, allowing the viewer to see the Plaintiff’s live reaction to the bar stool breaking. The scene turns into a detailed animation and zooms into a 3D character model with a similar likeness to the Plaintiff reenacting his movement. A replay with an x-ray view of the spine highlights the injuries along the cervical spine. One last replay moves the focus to the lumbar spine, once again pinpointing the hyperflexion that occurred. With this presentation in hand, attorney Breen and his team were able to settle the case for a confidential amount a couple of days before trial.


Attorney Breen is a record-setting, experienced trial attorney who cares deeply about his clients and getting them the best possible results. Mr. Breen has won numerous Hall of Fame verdicts and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients. Attorney Lavorato has a broad range of courtroom experience, including both bench and jury trials, representing individuals as well as corporate and governmental entities. As an FAA-certified commercial pilot, Mr. Lavorato brings real-world experience to the team at Howry Breen & Herman, LLP. Both attorneys were a pleasure to work with, and the DK team looks forward to future opportunities with such accomplished and dedicated attorneys.

"The work by DK Global was both outstanding and impactful and I have no doubt it played an important part in getting a great result for my client." - Sean Breen


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