Man Sustains Burns Over 60% of His Body and Passes After Surgical Procedure
Animation Shows Skin Grafting Procedure

An attorney reached out to DK Global for an animation which detailed the painful procedure of skin grafting. His client was working in the cockpit of an excavator and was told the pipe he was working on was thicker than it was. When his digger struck through the pipe and hit a gas leak it caused him to be engulfed in flames. He sustained burns over 60% of his body and although he was stabilized, he was in severe pain. Although skin grafting was performed in an attempt to save his life, the Plaintiff passed away just days after the surgical procedure. The representing attorney requested the animation to show the Defense just how much suffering his client had endured before his tragic passing.

The animation retraced the steps of the physicians as they removed the burned skin and cauterized the larger bleeding points. Epinephrine lap pads were placed on the burns before allograft was expanded and secured to the excised wounds. The painful nature of the procedure is something that can be sympathized with despite not having undergone it oneself. The impact it had on the Plaintiff’s final days was tremendous and translating that to the jury was our goal.

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