<p>Women's History Month, we would like to give a special thanks to the women attorneys who have made us a part of their team and the women in our very own office who have made DK Global a second home.</p>
Melissa Caldwell, Co-Founder & CFO - They say behind every successful man, there is a woman, and the Caldwell duo are no exception! As the Co-Founder and CFO of DK Global, Melissa, has worked alongside Michael to build the company to what it is today. Before DK Global, she spent 5 years working in public accounting as an auditor at a top five Accounting and Consulting firm. She is a licensed CPA in California and enjoys finding hidden costs and counting beans. Her no-nonsense attitude, natural business savvy, and high ethical standards make her a secret weapon here at DK Global. She is proud to not only walk in her motherís footsteps as a successful businesswoman and devoted mother, but to do so while performing handstand push-ups!
Marty Vega, Senior Project Manager - Martycarmen Vega is DKís Senior Project Manager and has been a part of our team for the past five years. You may have worked with her on one of your cases, as she collaborates closely with our clients, while directing the production team in bringing their visions to life! One of her favorite aspects of working in the legal field is having exposure to many different cases, allowing her to learn something new from each one. As a full-time professional working in a predominantly male field and a full-time mom of three, Marty is proud to balance both worlds. She is inspired by Katherine Johnson, a NASA mathematician who also found success in a male-dominated industry through her assertive and intellectual attributes. Marty is an amazing leader and as the head of our production team, her ability to motivate us all to find our full potential never goes unnoticed!
Josie Dejeu, Art Director - Josephine Dejeu is DKís Art Director, and she found her way to our team six years ago. She has been a staple in growing the companyís branding, signature design, and in pioneering some of our favorites; such as our Golden Advocates Awards! Her most cherished contribution to our team is her role in efforts that truly touch peopleís lives. As our resident gym rat, she is always challenging herself to be better both in and out of the office, even competing in the 2017 CrossFit Open Competition. When she isnít finding inspiration through our clientís cases, she is getting inspired in nature while hiking, surfing, and biking; or browsing some of her favorite artistsí work. Her long list of favorites includes Eva Black, a local graphic designer Josie admires and relates to on a personal level. Josie captivates us all with her creativity and her ability to keep up with the boys both professionally and athletically!
Missi Smith, Senior Client Liaison - Michelle, Senior Client Liaison, has been a part of the DK team for a whopping eight years. Having worked in almost every aspect of the company, not to mention her years as one of the only two female district managers for a national restaurant chain, she has become the designated epicenter of information in our office. As the main person who analyzes case material for our projects, her attention to detail is impeccable, and she leads the charge for the start of each new project. Her ability to hone in on key facts enables us to create demonstratives that lend themselves to million-dollar settlements and verdicts, something she is very proud to be a part of. When she isnít leading the way in the office, she is the ultimate cheer mom for her daughter! Encouraging and supporting the women around her, starting with her daughter who is a national cheerleading champion, Missi strives to help others and spread kindness as best she can. This is something her own mother inspired her to do. Her energy and dedication make her a cornerstone of our team!

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