Substantial Confidential Settlement for Nevada's Bertoldo Baker Carter & Smith

Scene Reconstruction Refutes Descendant's Liability in Motor Vehicle vs Bicyclist Accident

Jane Doe was riding her bike across an intersection, heading westbound down a Las Vegas road, when she was struck by a fuel truck whose driver failed to give her the right of way. Jane and her bike were dragged under the massive truck, suffering fatal injuries. Initially, the traffic collision report declared that Jane was at fault, stating she violated traffic laws riding on the sidewalk and in a crosswalk – but Lawrence J. Smith and Brett A. Carter of Bertoldo Baker Carter & Smith relentlessly came forward to represent Mrs. Doe, providing surveillance footage of the incident and clearing Jane of fault. Larry and Brett collaborated with DK Global to bring clarity to the situation, seeking proper reparations for the decedent's husband and children.

Depicting Truth Through Animation

Larry, Brett, and their experts meticulously gathered details to set the scene of the intersection where the incident took place, accounting for an accurate portrayal of the lighting and signage. The fuel truck sat on the far-right lane behind a public bus that obstructed its view at a green light. As both vehicles set into motion, the fuel truck failed to pause and allow Mrs. Doe to cross the intersection safely, instead proceeded to make a right-turn, fatally colliding with Jane, dragging her and her bike several feet across the asphalt. The Defendant had claimed that the sun obstructed their view; however, Larry and Brett worked closely with animators to detail the lighting that morning as accurately as possible.

The animation then transitions into the Defendant’s point-of-view, demonstrating the large field of vision available – and how visible Mrs. Doe was that morning. Armed with irrefutable evidence and a thoroughly detailed visual presentation, Larry and Brett successfully recovered a substantial confidential settlement in favor of their client.

Lawrence J. Smith is a respected attorney in the state of Nevada with over 20 years of experience as a trial lawyer, relentlessly advocating for his clients. As a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Lawrence has successfully recovered multiple multi-million-dollar verdicts in the name of his clients. Lawrence was selected into the prestigious Super Lawyers collection in 2019, recognized by his peers for his professional achievements and philanthropy.

Brett A. Carter has been recognized with a multitude of awards for his work within the personal injury field since practicing in 1996, including The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers. He is a recipient of America's Top 100 Attorneys Lifetime Achievement and actively participates in speaking engagements and produces publications sharing his knowledge and expertise. Brett is also a Multi-Million Dollars Advocate, Super Lawyers member, and serves as the Nevada Justice Association President who has also obtained multiple multi-million dollar plaintiff's verdicts. Brett has recently been featured as one of Las Vegas' Top Lawyers by Real Vegas Magazine in 2019.

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"DK Global is always looking to provide the most accurate, realistic, effective animations. They are extremely responsive to the intellectual process which results in animations which can literally change the stance of a case. Get the animation the defense does not want the jury to see!"

Larry Smith - Bertoldo Baker Carter & Smith

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