Animation Assists Local Grocery Store in Slip-and-Fall Matter

3D Demonstrative Maps Out Closed-Circuit TV Recording

When a customer slipped and fell inside a well-known grocery store, the store was accused of improperly maintaining their premises by neglecting to sweep the floors within reasonable times. Attorney David Porras of Varner & Brandt took on the defense case to demonstrate the extent of the store’s compliance and care for their customers. Since the defense was backed by a closed-circuit TV recording, Mr. Porras reached out to DK Global to produce a digital reconstruction the incident.

DK Global created a 3D model of the store using the security footage provided. In order to help prove that the premises should not be held liable due to their timely maintenance of the facilities, the animation followed the path of the sweeper down the aisle where the slip and fall occurred, mirroring what was seen on the closed-circuit TV recording. A simple X and O mark the movement of two shoppers down the aisle; the O represents the path of a shopper who was able to maneuver the aisle without any issues, and the X represents the path of the plaintiff. The case resolved in a confidential agreement with the help of this animation.

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"Comparing and contrasting two points of reference in a visual presentation is always a smart strategy, even when the incident itself is not caught on surveillance."


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