A Podcast with The Simon Law Group & Special Guests
Featuring Jamie Court of Consumer Watchdog and Nick and Courtney Rowley

Nick and Courtney Rowley recently interviewed with the Simon Law Group on their Justice Team Podcast. Along with Jamie Court of Consumer Watchdog, all three spoke with Robert Simon about their crusade against caps on settlements for medical negligence cases.


First set into law in 1975, the caps prevent those patients gravely injured while receiving medical care, being awarded more than $250,000 from insurance companies. This amount gets further slashed to about $150,000 after lawyers’ fees are subtracted. This is made even more egregious because jurors, who may have awarded a very fair judgment in the millions of dollars, are not aware of the cap. Jurors have no idea that the person for whom they have decided needs this money for their lifelong care will never receive even close to the full amount. The insurance companies win in each of these instances, and they continue to make billions every year.


Nick Rowley has spoken directly with California Governor, Gavin Newsome, about these caps and is extremely disappointed that lawmakers in this state have not overturned this law. He and Courtney Rowley try cases all over the country, and many states have eliminated the cap. Nick and Courtney know how much easier it becomes to try medical malpractice cases when lawyers can win great settlements for their clients. In California, very few attorneys can even accept these cases because there is no chance for a fair outcome. Both Nick and Courtney are working tirelessly to advocate for judges and jurors to fairly determine compensation for injured patients, rather than the insurance companies.


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