Woman Suffered Severe Brain Injuries in T-bone Accident

3D Animation explains the injuries and deficits to her brain

A woman was severely injured when she was involved in a left-hand turn T-bone collision in San Pedro, California. The vehicle was totaled the Plaintiff was left with orthopedic and injuries to the right frontal lobe of her brain. DK Global was contacted by her attorney to create accident reconstruction and injury animations that effectively described the accident and injuries. Blair & Ramirez, LLP was able to secure a confidential settlement with the Defendant on the second day of trial.

DK Global used 3d models and animation from the 3T and Functional MRIs to develop a presentation that showed which areas of the Plaintiff’s brain that were damaged. The video begins with a 3d model of this woman and then transitions to a view of her internal anatomy. The brain deficits she suffered as a result of the accident are listed next, along with their corresponding brain lobes. This clearly expresses the devasting impact of the accident that occurred moments before the Defendant cruelly sped away from the scene.


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"Collisions can occur even when drivers are vigilant. In this case, the Defendant callously left scene of the accident, leaving the Plaintiff with life-long, devastating injuries."

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