So-Cal Attorney David Blain Attains $1.5 Million for Complex T-Bone Case

Medical & Surgical Animations Emphasize Damages Sustained by Victims

Attorney David Blain, of the Law Offices of Ted B. Wacker, requested DK Global’s expertise regarding injuries his clients sustained in a collision. The Defendant ran a red light as the Gomez’s entered the intersection. The “T-bone” collision resulted in the Gomez vehicle rolling multiple times, until coming to a stop upside down. Mr. and Mrs. Gomez were left suspended by their lap belts. Mr. Blain asked DK Global to recreate in particular, the severity of the damage done to Mrs. Gomez’s abdominal region and the surgery she would need.

Mrs. Gomez required resections of the small intestine and sigmoid colon. The animation would show exactly what that means, in a visual format. 

First, a likeness of Mrs. Gomez needed to be rendered to then identify and show the nature of her injuries and their locations. DK Global created a 3D transparent character model revealing the internal injuries sustained from the incident. Second, the likeness of Mrs. Gomez was placed on the operating table to show the steps of the surgical procedure.

An incision in the infra umbilical region using 3D electrocautery was depicted. Attention was turned to the left upper quadrant and a large through and through mesenteric defect of the sigmoid colon was packed. There was a large 3 cm serosal tear of the sigmoid colon at the site of the mesenteric injury. This requires a side-to-side anastomosis of the proximal sigmoid colon with the distal sigmoid colon using a GIA blue load 75. Finally, the abdomen was shown being closed with interrupted #1 PDS sutures in a figure-of-eight fashion and closed her ventral hernia.

Attorney Blain knew that his audience would be less persuaded, less convinced of the case Mr. and Mrs. Gomez had if he left the story of their accident up to just his words, retelling the event. Instead, he used the Illustrations created by DK Global to fill in the blanks, painting the scene more clearly. The result was a $1.5 Million settlement that will help Mr. and Mrs. Gomez take care of the ongoing medical care and overall disruption with which the accident devastated them.

David M. Blain represents plaintiffs in personal injury actions including claims for product liability, motor vehicle negligence, assault and battery, dog bites, government tort liability, and other types of consumer protection cases. He enjoys serving his clients and helping them put their lives back together after suffering through a traumatic event.

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"Often in collision cases, internal damages are sustained and depicting those to a jury can be challenging. Our animations arm you with expert-backed visuals to not only simplify complicated injuries but bring them to life for the audience."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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